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Our Mission

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The challenge of our century is to make society not only more productive, but also more humane and sustainable. We believe this requires a new mindset in how workplaces look like. Work needs to have meaning beyond making money. Work needs to be fulfilling. And why should work not also be fun. Having a healthy work environment results in healthy people who spread positive energy at home and within society. Building workplaces where people love to come in on Mondays, is what drives us. It’s an ambitious goal, but who said work should not also be challenging.

Our Team

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Our team is dedicated to our ambitious goal of making society more productive, more humane and more sustainable. We live and breath diversity with team members from 10+ nationalities, speaking 20+ languages and having lived in 30+ countries. We also come from very different academic backgrounds: from medicine, dentistry and psychology to software engineering, business and art. This diversity results in looking at challenges from various perspectives and enables us to co-create better solutions with and for our clients. | Meet us

Our Clients

“Change has never felt so fast, yet it will never be so slow again.” What Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in his opening speech of the 2018 World Economic Forum, captures better than anything the challenges that many organizations face today. Constant advances in technology, ever new and stricter regulations, more demanding customers and faster competitors are not compatible with how most organizations are structured and operate. The need for agility not only in terms of product development, but also business model and ultimately organizational design is present almost everywhere. We have been and are fortunate to work with some of the most courageous organizations and leaders that embrace change instead of fighting it and look for opportunities in today’s disruptive environment. | Read more
Agilar Clients